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Scar Revision

Scar Revision
Scar Revision
Product Code : 08
Product Description


  • Co2 laser treatment is a brand new laser rejuvenation technology.

  • It changes the physical medium & emission method of current laser technology by focusing tremendous optimized energies.

  • Through the laser emitter, the micro pulsed laser beam is irradiated on the target skin in nanometer level to achieve a controllable & precise treatment.

  • The dimension of shooting area only can measured in nanometer, which is precise enough for operator to control & adjust the treated depth & layer according to the clinical diagnosis.

  • The energy of Co2 laser is even & steady, its focused energy aims only at target area without any injury to surrounding tissue.

  • During the scan treatment, surrounding tissue of the shooting area plays a role as the "bridge" or "carrier" to share & diffuse the overhead produced by micro pulsed laser beam so as to avoid skin burns.

  • During the treatment, biochemical reaction generate optical-thermal energy & accelerate collagen multiplication & skin recovery, after exfoliation of the tiny scar, fresh & smooth skin can be resurfaced.


  • Particularly designed intelligent laser control system ensures a precise treatment.

  • Guarantees the even irradiation, the steady & safe treatment process.

  • Wide range application, effective treatment.

  • Easy & fast treatment without downtime.


  • Eliminates the wrinkles, crow-feet wrinkles, scars, ease forehead wrinkles, improves large pores, thicken dermal layers.

  • Improve the skin pigments such as chloasma, age pigments & freckles.

  • Treats acne, verruca, naevus, etc.

  • Tightens the aging skin.

Technical Specifications

Model No.


Working Mode

CW; single pulse; repeat pulse; ultra pulse

Output Power


Input Power


Laser Type

Sealed Co2 Laser

Laser Mode

Low Order Mode


10.6 m

Focused spot diameter


Focal Length

F=50mm & F=100mm

Min. Pulse Width

0.1 ms

Aiming Beam

Infrared semi-conductor laser (650nm, 5mW)

Laser Transmission

Seven-joint articulate arm

Cooling System

Inner water circulation

Control System

Micro Computer Control


Color Touch Screen

Working Temperature


Working Humidity


Power Supply

AC 110V/220V+10%, 50/60Hz

Working Prerequisite

No sudden shake or sensible airflow

Gross Weight

65 Kg

Package Size

136 x 58 x 63 cm

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